Speedup Searching for Band on MC/EM74XX


I’m a windows user and using Skylight as a tool to Sierra Wireless Airprime MC series for internet connection. I’ve MC7304 and EM7455 where searching for band on MC7304 much faster than EM7455. I would like to know either any AT parameters can be set for MC/EM74XX and make it fast enough to search for band instead of gone through the whole series of band.


I couldn’t find how to speedup band searching or set to specific LTE Band, example LTE Band: B3. I’ve tried certain AT commands for MC73XX (refer to attach), but already obsolete or not valid and replaced with other commands. For example AT+XREG and AT+XACT are not valid for MC/EM74XX series. Yes it has another commands to replace that equivalent commands as of MC/EM73XX series. Any thought from your end and much appreciated.
AT-commands.txt (4.19 KB)

You cat set a custom band mask with !BAND command in its password-protected version. For example, if you want to enable LTE B3 only you should do the following:

AT!BAND=10,"B3 only",0,4,0

You can see the help on masks and “band/bit table” with


BTW, this command is well documented in Sierra’s AT Command Reference.
I doubt if reducing the number of currently enabled bands can speed up network selection and registration, however.


Thanks a lot for that info. Anyway looks like the same where searching for band (based on SIM) on EM7455 took some times if compared to MC7304 and I believe as a “defacto” for that Sierra Wireless Airprime MC/EMXXXX series.