AT Command for technology selection - 7455

Is there an AT command available to select/force the technology that is being used?

As in, LTE Only, or GSM/WCDMA only. And the default, LTE preferred.

I see the !BAND command, which maybe could be used for this purpose, but other cellular radios we have worked with have a command to select this specifically.

Thank you!


Thank you.

Is there some documentation I am missing as this is not in the MC74XX AT Command Reference document?

Presumably there is more I am missing…

Documentation is outdated and does not have all commands.

But I think at!selrat is in there, so maybe just overlooked.

Unless Adobe search no longer works correctly, it’s not in the R3 version of the AT Command Reference.

Is there an AT command that will show us all the current available AT Commands? Maybe we can figure things out that way. Not having good documentation for AT commands sure makes integration a challenge…

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