How to setup 3g only at MC8305 and MC7710 using AT commands?


is there a way to set “3G only” or “2G only” or “4G only” programmatically (without using the Watcher)?
Preferable without a reset.

Thank you for any help

How about AT command?

  • MC7710 !SELRAT
    Please refer to associated AT command guide for details.

Hi lotam,

is the AT command AT!SELRAT supported on the MC7710?

How can I show a complete list of supported AT commands for this device?

According to the document “AirPrime MC/SL-Series (UMTS/LTE) Extended AT Command Reference”, the AT command AT!SELACQ sets the bearer preference, and this is valid for the MC7710 (Table 1.1).

Should I use AT!SELRAT or AT!SELACQ?

Hi SList,

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