MC7710, how to use AT!SELACQ ?


Please can you help with this problem of how to select the preferred bearer type?

We have the document “AirPrime MC/SL-Series (UMTS/LTE) Extended AT Command Reference”, which says that the AT command AT!SELACQ sets the bearer preference for the MC7710 (Table 1.1).

When I tested with this command, no password was needed, but the command also didn’t work until the device was powered off and on again. I did this by rebooting the computer, or by using the command AT!RESET.
Is AT!SELACQ supposed to work like this?

I would like to test with AT!SELRAT, but previous tests have shown that this AT command is sometimes unreliable. Also, it is not documented for the MC7710.
How can I show a complete list of supported AT commands for the MC7710?
Should I use AT!SELACQ (documented) or AT!SELRAT (not documented)?

!SELRAT is actually documented and supported but mentioned in another doc:
With both Extended and Standard command guide, you should find all the commands supported on MC7710.

Using !SELRAT you can set specific RAT to use, and it effective immediately without power cycle.

Hope it helps.