Password for AT?

I am referring to AirPrime WPx5xx/WP76xx/WP77xx AT Command Reference pdf.

Some AT commands are password protected. The documentation says that AT!SETCND= should be used with password to unlock those commands.

How to get the password? From where I am suppose to download Sierra wireless account manager application as mentioned in documentation?

I have a mangoh red board with WP7502.



The short answer is that the default password on all of our Qualcomm based units is at!entercnd=“A710”, the setcnd command is used to change the A710 bit, not a lot of point in changing it i my opinion.



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Got it.
Thanks Matt! :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

is your answer “A710” also valid for the AirPrime MC series MC87xx?

Thank you!


Yep, it has been the same password since the year dot, not exactly secure when they come out of the factory but you can change it if you want and it wrapped up in history.



Thank you Matt!
“Year dot” sounds good… :laughing: