EM9190/EM9191 AirPrime EM919X/EM7690 Customer Production Test Mode (attempt)

I have an EM9190 dev kit with EM9191 modem. Trying to verify that the modem is RF capable by attempting to follow the AirPrime EM919X/EM7690 Customer Production Test Mode procedure

I started out by following the procedure from section 3.2.1 . However I cant seem to get past the first command to unlock the extended AT command set



Hmmm. I did not set the password previously, is there a default password?

it should be


Thank you jyijyi ! :slight_smile:

gives me error for EM9190 5G Development Kit. The AT Command Reference document suggests “The default password assigned to AT!ENTERCND is configured onto the module during manufacture.” But how do I find out what is my default password. Thank you.

I think this is related to other problem as all other AT command in your board returns ERROR except AT and ATI command

you need to fix that first before going to AT!ENTERCND=“A710”