EM7455 - Enter an APN and try again - Win10


We have encountered a situation where our Windows 10 laptops are returning the following error message:
Can’t connect to this network Enter an APN and try again.

To reproduce this error message we connect the Win10 laptop into our Ethernet cabled corporate network and then try to activate the cellular modem. Windows bounces back the error message until the Ethernet cable is disconnected.

The event logs on the machine suggest that Windows does not even attempt to send an AT activation request in this scenario. We only see the events to power on the modem while it is in this state.

We observe these error messages in the field too. In that scenario the entire machine has to reboot before Windows will allow us to attempt a new activation request. Although this scenario feels more like a crash of the modem or its services the same error message is produced by windows when trying a new activation.

The modem in question is the Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A according to Device Manager.

Does anyone have more information to share about this error or where to look for more clues?


I’ve EM7455 installed on DELL E7270 running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. After install latest Sierra QMI drivers and looks running fine. I’ve inserted SIM and could access internet without any issues. I don’t understand about “Activatioln” because so far doesn’t requests for “Activation”. What do you means about Activation ? Could you elaborate more about which hardware ? HP, LENOVO, DELL or Clone PC.

Thanks for responding. I didn’t have any notifications set up to alert me and apologies for the delay.

We are using Lenovo Yoga laptops with Win10 pro 64bit. Our modems are connecting to the Verizon network. I used the word activation as I thought that was the correct term after looking through the event logs and AT command manual. If there is a better term for connecting to a carrier network then let me know.

I can also say that this problem comes and goes randomly. Each instance we have learned about has resolved itself within about 48 hours or less. Sometimes the user reboots the machine and its fixed other times no reboot is necessary. Manually entering the APN profile information (VZWINTERNET) does not appear to allow the machine to proceed with the connection. Perhaps we are not entering something correctly.

Verizon has not been able to provide us with any information about the problem. Their solution is to reboot the machine and wait for the missing APN profile to return. Apparently this is not a problem specific to our modem and many VZW phones can have this problem.