[Lenovo] EM7355 VZW - No service on Win 10 x64

Hello all!

I have a EM7355 that I’ve been fighting to get working on a Win10 Dell laptop. I’ve used the Lenovo drivers, as well as Sierra’s drivers. The firmware has also been updated on the modem.

Running Skylight, it tells me the modem is detected, but no mobile broadband device detected. Device manager doesn’t report any problems. On Win10, I turn on the cellular card, at which time Windows reports back “No Service”.

One upon a time, I was able to get it to say “connect” but it error’d out. I believe since then I’ve tried a couple of drivers.

I have also tried installing the Verizon Wireless connection manager from the App store.

APN is as follows:

Name: Verizon

APN: zvwinternet

No user or pass


Anythoughts on this headache?


Please do test in command prompt as below:

netsh mbn sh int
netsh mbn sh read int=*
netsh mbn sh rad int=*
netsh mbn sh cap int=*
netsh mbn sh vis int=*
netsh mbn sh read int=*