EM7345 LTE Module


I tried to find driver’s for the new EM7345 LTE module because I’ve got a new Lenovo and have to do some testcases with the built-in module.

Where can I get up2date win7 driver’s for this module? (windows update is not providing any updates for this and I can’t seem to find any driver files on sierrawireless.com)


Hi Sebastian,

Are you getting this EM7345 from Lenovo?
Do you have chance to check and get the driver from Lenovo directly?



I have the same issue - Lenovo yes, but no driver on their support site. However they do have for em7355. What do I do now?



Even for me it is the same problem. I have already contacted lenovo but that brought no success. Lenovo seems to sell the devices without the appropriate driver therefor. Can not you provide as creator of the module the driver to download.

Sincerely yours

Sorry guys, I don’t have EM7345 on hand and as the module was built and sell with Lenovo laptop so I think it makes more sense for Lenovo to release a driver that they validated on the laptop itself.

Still, I found a similar thread on Lenovo forum, one gentleman said he obtained a driver for win7 from Lenovo and shared a link to download, here’s the link to the thread.

Please try and maybe you can follow up with the owner of that thread?


Hello everyone,
i am using windows 8.1 pro 64 bits and i try to figure out how to to use the EM7345 chip with a sim card which requires APN settings.

I am using the EM7345 chip as a single user in a Lenovo thinkpad 8 LTE tablet with windows 8.1 64 bits pro OS.
So far, It seems it only works if the sim card of the carrier do not require APN parameters.

When using my own phone sim card which has ‘mmsbouygtel.com’ as APN setting ,I had no succes using windows network panel to connect.It fails instantly!

I have tested this embedded Sierra ME7345 chip with another sim card from another carrier that do not require APN settings and it works!

Maybe it is a just a driver issue or a Windows bug but the APN setting do not work.

If anyone knows how to manually set up this card.Either in the registry database , hacking the driver(i could not find any config.ini of interest to me in the driver) or with another tool.

NB : I will try to get some intel from Lenovo forums about this too for additional help(but they are only the seller not sure they can help me )

Thanks again for your help.

Ok found out that the APN setting ‘mmsbouygtel.com’ was missing from file 'C:windows\system32\ApnDatabase.xml.
Instead i had ebouygtel or pcbouygtel that are obsolete values…

Edit[Editing this file manually and replacing APN value did not help me either]

Hi, guys.

I have some problem with my em7345.

I have a Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 tablet with Em7345 and Windows 10.

One day i decide to flash em7345 module in my tablet (dont ask me why i did it).
I downloaded a flasher with some rom file, and initiated the flashing process. But flashing progress indicator had stopped soon after starting, messaging me about flashing error (flashing was not completed successfully).

Now i have “bricked” my em7345 module. Even in device manager it doesnt present, and nothing is capable to find it.

May be you have some information on my problem on how to bring my module back to work.

Thank you in advice.