Sierra Wireless EM7345 in Lenovo T440s


I have a Lenovo T440s with built-in WAN Sierra Wireless EM7345 with a SIM-card.
I have tested the SIM card in another device and it works fine.
The laptop runs on Windows 10 64-bit which is continuously updated.

The Sierra Wireless worked fine in this laptop in the past but I have not used it for probably a year or more. Now I cannot get it to work.

When looking at my “Networks connections” it the Sierra Wireless EM7345 is noted as “Not Connected” and with five green tabs. So it is obviously recognized in someway.

My Sierra program is updated yesterday to what is supposed to be the latest version: 2.36.10970.4674.

When I go into my “Network log in screen” there is no trace of the Sierra Wireless and I cannot find it anywhere to start it. Can someone please advise how to get it going again?