EM7345 firmware versions change log

Is possible to get change log for firmware versions ? It seems as the recent version 1442.07 have actually more issues than previous 1415.07 one. Thanks.

you can contact your distributer to get the docs

No, they don’t have it. Why it has to be so complicated ? Especially when the quality of firmware is questionable :frowning:

The reason is that EM7345 should not be available for distribution. It should be for big OEM only.

I still don’t get it, sorry. Your product has serious issues with firmware. There are many complaints about it and returned tablet devices because of substantial mobile connection issues. Instead of a constructive approach that would help to resolve these issues (publishing list of changes in firmware versions, publishing tools for collectings diagostic logs etc.) you exhibit such bureaucratic attitude over and over. There is “Sierra Wireless” label on the mobile connection module and device in Device Manager, period.


We are owners of Lenovo Thinkpad 8 and Thinkpad 10 Windows 8.1 tablet devices which use the EM7345.

After upgrading to the latest firmware versions, the WWAN device causes the system to hang on resume from connected standby, and is sometimes non-responsive once the system wakes.

Even the older versions, while more stable, still exhibit strange problems from time to time.

We are asking for the change log to help identify what the problem is and try to fix it.

Please help!

I am not a Sierra employee but I think the proper way to get support for this is to ask Lenovo.

We have been, for a long time. See forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T … -p/2079826 for the full thread, but suffice to say its been 6mo without a positive response.

I’ve been having Lenovo support problems as well with this card.

I’m trying to get a reply as to how I’m supposed to enable the GPS
and AT commands on the X1/2G on Linux. Apparently, they disabled
these functions at the factory for some odd crazy reason!

There are possible options to enable it but you have to be running
W8 which I don’t have and would involve purchasing a copy.

I was going to start a new topic on this forum but it seems that it
is as pointless as the Lenovo forum.

Since getting this Lenovo I’ve never stopped regretting it!

To my experience, the FIH7160_V1.2_WW_01.1529.05 generic firmware is the best available yet (Lenovo package GTWO42WW, version 2.14.10830.4412). Note it applies for non-US customers, there are specific customized firmware versions for US mobile operators.

Unfortunately Lenovo has released another two newer software packages (GTWO44WW and GTWO45WW) containing (older, huh ?) 1528.04 generic firmware that is broken at all. Causes device lockup etc. That is evidence nobody has ever tested these software packages (for non-US customers) :frowning:

It seems as the Intel chipset experiment is over because recent WWAN EM7455 modules are Qualcomm based.

I think the proper way is asking Lenovo support.

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