EM7345 endless firmware issues - response wanted


as I have posted in older post https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/em7345-issue-with-connected-standby-firmware-issue/7676/1 there are still serious reliability issues caused by the firmware. I and other Lenovo users have tried various firmware versions (including latest 1522.02), settings and Microsoft hotfixes without any significant improvement. It is summarized in this thread forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T … -p/2135145

I still can believe you can sell such buggy and unfinished product for almost two years. My question is open again, are you willing to provide diagnostic tools and participate on debugging of the issue ? And please no, do not route the responsibility to Lenovo again, they can not fix your buggy firmware.

Currently the only solution seems to be to replace the EM7345 with Huawei ME906E but it costs almost half price of the tablet. Are you willing to sponsor it or rather finally fix the firmware ? :neutral_face:

Dear Puppy,

This EM7345 is made specifically for Lenovo on their requirements and specifications.

Unlike all devices we distribute ourselves and we support on source.sierrawireless.com and this forum, these specific devices like EM7346 are not directly supported by our teams, but by a specific team that has a direct relationship with Lenovo and that can accept features and bug fixing requests from Lenovo only, using a process set up with Lenovo. This process implies Lenovo’s customers to report to Lenovo such issues detected first, and Lenovo to decide the action to take.

Therefore, there’s no action we can take here, and Lenovo is the only one who can fix this firmware if it needs to. Really sorry for that.


@thibs So does this mean the EM7355 (not 45) is distributed and supported by yall?

What about upcoming EM7445 with LTE-Advanced, is Lenovo responsible for it again ?