EM7411 can't get SIM CARD DATA in Android


We use Sierra AndroidRIL_V9.0.5.0_x86 version, RIL has been initialized.
But can not get SIM CARD DATA.
Error message GET_SIM_STATUS error 2.
But the sierra RIL message is OK’s SLQSUIMGetCardStatus Successful.
Because the SIM CARD has not been recognized, and other functions cannot be verified.
Could you please help me how to solve this problem.
ril_error.txt (2.5 MB)

it says “CARDSTATE_ABSENT”, do you check AT+CPIN?

Hi @jyijyi

AT+CPIN has been tried and it is OK.
From this message, SLQSUIMGetCardStatus Successful is also normal
But RIL’s response has been unable to return correctly, and the status is always “SIM ABSENT”.
Judging from the log, the telecom provider and signal are also connected.
Is there anything else I should be aware of?

is it only happening to this SIM card? or all SIM card is having problem?

Hi @jyijyi

The result of replacing other SIM cards is still the same.
Please refer to the attachment log
ril_error_0306.txt (2.5 MB)

Have you contacted distrubutor or swi support team?