SIM status refresh in Q2686H

I’m using adl_simGetState() function to check SIM state but I didn’t find a way how to refresh it’s status w/o restarting the module.

Right now even if the SIM card is removed the funcion still returns previous status on every call ie. ADL_SIM_STATE_FULL_INIT. When I put the card back in I am not able to enter PIN code. AT+CPIN just returns an error.
If the module is restarted with SIM card removed then the ADL_SIM_STATE_REMOVED is presistent till the module is restarted.

I get the same results if I subscribe to SIM events using adl_simSubscribe() instead of calling adl_simGetState().

I have partly the same error (on the same module), so i can not help you much but anyway :slight_smile:

open TTWin ( terminal emulation program )
When you have downloaded the program to target run like this:
make file transfer
target will restart

If i dont take those steps (AT+CPIN?) i can not enter PIN…
Dont know why. Anyway i hope that this will of some use for you.


i’ve exactly the same SIM state refresh problem in my applications.
I use OpenAT SDK 4.13.

adl_simGetState() gets no state update and the SIM handler is never notified once it has receveid the ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT event.

If a GPRS communication was running while removing the SIM card, the bearer event handler is not notified about the closed connection.

I’ve tried to remove the SIM speed enhancement feature, but it’s no use.
It looks like a firmware/librarie bug
Is there known fix to this issue ?

i’ve compiled my application using OpenAT 3.14, running it on a Q24 module (the newest OpenAT version for the Q24 familly).

Everything is OK. Once the SIM card is removed, the bearer handler is notified about the closing of the GPRS connection and the SIM handler is notified that the SIM card has been removed.

So, Wavecom, please fix the problem in the API or the firmware of the Q26 module (OpenAT 4.13)


You seem to be pretty sure that there is some problem. I haven’t tested it, so I can’t confirm that, but I think you also should make sure (if you have not done so already) to report this through your distributor that this information reaches the right department at Wavecom.

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