SIM Initialization Problem


we use Q2686 module for our application. On an average, out of 10 modules one module faces a restart problem.

From the debug messages, it seems that the problem occurs during the SIM Subscription. The “ADL_SIM_EVENT_INSERTED” and the “ADL_SIM_EVENT_PIN_OK” events are received but the “ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT” is not at all received. Either the gadget restarts after receiving the first two events or it continues working without any network connectivity.

Kindly could anyone provide some help regarding this issue.


Has this issue reslved? I have this very same problem with Q64 (wmp100) modules.

The problem vanishes if i give AT+WOPEN=3 and then restart the application.

Rajamanickem. S

I am once again facing the same issue. This time even if i give AT+WOPEN=3, the problem doesn’t gets resolved.

Could this be related: :question:


The problem is not relevant to your post. The module restarts always. Even if i stop the application i get +WIND 13, +WIND1 and +WIND7. The sequence is repeated continuously and i am not at all receiving the +WIND 4.