SIM Problem


Hi !!!

I m facing a problem that even if the SIM card is removed after the SIM is fully registered, i will still be in the previous status ie. ADL_SIM_STATE_FULL_INIT. If the module is restarted with SIM card removed then the ADL_SIM_STATE_REMOVED will be displayed.

I’m using adl_simGetState() function to check SIM state but I didn’t find a way to refresh it’s status.

I get the same results if I subscribe to SIM events using adl_simSubscribe() instead of calling adl_simGetState().

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Sunil Rao.M


Hi Sunil !

I’m using a Q2501B (firmware 652a) and when i remove the sim card (while running and attached to GPRS network) i reveive the following events in my callback functions :


(from subscription to GPRS and SIM services)

In the Wavecom documentation (for Open AT 3.04) they say that if you send “AT+CPIN?” command to module when sim card is not present, it answer “+CME ERROR 10”…
you can maybe try this if the events are not autogenerated for you…