EM7355 shows in Windows, but not as a MBN?

I purchased a EM7355 (The DW5808e variant if that helps) from a seller on Amazon. When I installed it I’m my Latitude 5404 running Win 7 Pro, I’ve been unable to get Windows to recognize that it has a Boradband adapter in the Network and Sharing Center. All drivers have been installed and are current. No yellow bangs in the Device Manager, and it shows the adapter under the Modem, and COM Port. I’m at a total loss as far as fixing this goes, and not sure what I managed to screw up? I’ve installed the Generic drivers, with no success. I’ve also tried the Dell drivers for the Adapter also, which was also unsuccessful. I’ve also updated the firmware to the latest version that Sierra has for the EM7355. No matter what I do, when I open a CMD window and enter “netsh mbn show interface” it always comes back to There is no Broadband Interface Installed.
I do have an AT command software I downloaded from somewhere (if needed I’ll find the link/provide the name of the software) and it shows that the EM7355 has full functionality. It attached to the Verizon network, no problem inside the software. I just have no clue whats going on, and I would greatly appreciate any and all help with this issue I’m having. Thanks in advance!

What do you see from Device Manager under Network adapters? And what do you have in Add/Remove Programs for Sierra Wireless?

That’s all I have for Sierra Wireless, and everything in the Device Manager. Anything look out of place?

The “Dell Wireless 5808e Gobi 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Card” looked good but the driver packages did seem to be messed up.

Could you uninstall/remove the version 4728 and 4836 and just leave the Dell one for 4824 please? Then reboot the laptop to see how it goes.

I removed the 4728, and 4836 versions, however there seems to be no change. Network Sharing Center still does not show any available connections for the Broadband adapter, and “netsh mbn show interfaces” still responds with There is no Mobile Broadband Adapter Interface. Reboots performed between each driver removal. Could there be something off in the programming of the adapter maybe?

All interfaces of the module including Modem, Network Adapter, DM and NMEA were installed perfectly according to your screenshot of the Device Manager. Unfortunately I don’t have a Windows 7 computer to verify the Network Sharing Center setting though.

Have you checked to see if WWAN AutoConfig Service is running with Automatic Startup type? You can access the Services console by “Start --> Run–> services.msc” and scroll down all the way to the bottom of the services to find WWAN AutoConfig service.

Hello, I have the same issue here. Did you fix it eventually? Thank you so much!