EM7455 - Dell Latitude 7275


I have the above computer with a EM7455 (Dell 5811e).
Under Linux (Ubuntu) I can access and connect to AT&T, but on the same system (Dual-Boot) running Windows 10 I have the drivers loaded and it shows the USB Device: Sierra Wireless Snapdragon ™ X7 LTE-A USB Composite Device. but there are no network adapters detected, and Skylight says “Mobile Broadband device not detected.” I have the latest drivers from Dell installed.

Can someone please help in getting this device to function under windows.
Any help would be greatly welcomed.

Thank you

I will suggest you to search a bit in this forum :wink:





I believe you should install that specific driver for DELL otherwise if you want that 'generic’driver then you eoulf followed that above 2 links