Dummy question



I am a beginner and for the first application I have downloaded in to a Q2501 a program that is occupying all the time the RS232 interface by sending all the time data.
So, now it is not possible, at my level of competence to download something other in to the Q2501.
Somebody may help me be indicating which is the way to erase the program memory, or to stop the application, or some other procedure ?
At the begin, before to download the “bad” application, I hade the answer AT, Enter, OK , but after download, there is no comunication available.

Thanks in advance



You can try copy-paste the “at+wopen=0” command immediately after powering on the unit. I saw this somewhere in the forum and worked for me in some cases. at+wopen=4 deletes the application.

The other thing you can do is to power the unit in BOOT mode and use the DWLWIN software


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To Mr. Sefer,

thank you very much for your look on my post.
Unfortunatelly, there is no communication with the target. in normal mode I can not send at least AT.
I tryed this suggestion with paste at+wopen=0 or AT+wopen=4 but it does not work.
in the moot mode, it is not possible to ake something also. Each time i try to download the new program, I have the answer that it is not possible to boot the module.
I can not imagine that there is no solution to this problem.
If not, it will be sufficient to download a “bad” program into the wavecom modules to put them “out of work”, without the possibility to recuperate the product.