Reteriving program from Q2501B

My PC crashed lastnite and I lost vital program code from my PC pertaining to Q2501B. I am using the developement board from Wavecom and my wavecom is the only with the working code now. I would like anyone to suggest as how i can reterive the working program out of my wavecom module (at least the binary file) as to avoid rewriting all the code again. I have to present my work to my superviser at the university, as I am a master student working on my thesis.

I wait anxiously for any help

There are two types of computer users:

  1. Those who haven’t yet suffered a serious data loss;
  2. Those who do backups

You will now be joining the second group, won’t you?

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can read back the binary.
Even if you could read back the binary, the only thing it would be good for would be to load into another unit.
As you already have it in a unit, just leave it there and present that unit!

You’re just going to have to discuss this with your supervisor and seek his/her advice…

Thanx for ur reply. I actually need another Wavecom Q2501 with the same code in it. My application need two wavecom Q2501 modules with the same code. I purchased a single for the test purpose. Now one of my module is in working condition and I’ve ordered another. But now, unfortunately I lost my code.
Reteriving even a binary file from the wavecom will be helpful for me.

Retrieving a binary from a module is technically possible with DWLWin and a special hardware dongle. Practically however, customers don’t get such a dongle. If you are good at assembler you can try to “modify” DWLWin :slight_smile:
You should probably ask your distributor about that (the download, not the cracking). It would be nice if you could post his answer later on, as I am sure that others are interested in the solution, too.