Downloading sample codes

Hi every body.

I’m new in wavecom products development. I’m trying to download a sample aplication on GenLoc25 but does not work.
I was doing the following steps:
1.start windows hyperterminal with settings 115200 Bps, 8N1, hardware flowcontrol (after this I can communicate with modem, can initiate calls etc.)
2.send command at+wdwl to modem, after this I receive the message +wdwl:0 and periodicaly the § character
3.trying to send a sample application (ex. arm_Hello_World_32.wpd.dwl) with protocol 1k Xmodem
After this Hyperterminal count the transmitting packets and ends the transmission but the modem continue to send the § character. I can stop this with simply sending at command but after this the modem send Error message for any at command.
Please help me, what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

When Hyperterminal finished to send the file, then you have to send AT+CFUN=1 command to restart the modem.
If you don’t do this, then you are still in “download mode” (and only AT and AT+CFUN=1 commands are working in this mode).

Thanks for your help!

Command at+cfun=1 was the missing piece.
I have more questions. I have two devices, one is Wavecom Fastrack and the other is a GenLoc25.
Now I can download sample code to the Fastrack device and I can start it (ex. the Hello World aplication is sending his message) but repeating the same steps on GenLoc25 the aplication does not start.
What could be the difference between devices?
I was try to reload factory settings with command AT&F but the result is the same.
Please help me, what should I do?


Looks like this “GenLoc25” is a product of another company that just happens to use a Wavecom module:

Presumably, this company has taken steps to prevent you from loading your own applications. You need to contact them to find out.