Upload a binary data file to the WMP via USB and UART1


I need to download file (about 300Kb) to the WMP via the serial and USB interface. Something similiar to at+wdwl would be perfect, but I need to be able to do it on the USB interface as well.

All that is needed is to upload a binary data file to the WMP and save it A/D memory.

I presume this is not such an unusual requirement, and are hoping there are some existing samples out there or maybe someone has some code they are willing to share how they have done something similiar. If you know if some sample code that I could look at, then please let me know.

As a side issue… do anyone know if the source code of at+wdwl is available to the general public?


Why would you want to have that source code? I don’t think it can be obtained from Wavecom. Maybe if you specify what you want to know about it we can help you…

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XMODEM would be fine for this.

XMODEM implementations are widely available, but I wouldn’t recommend the one in the Wavecom samples for serious use.