Downloading binaries (.dwl) through USB

I want to ask, if it is possible in M2M Studio to connect FSU 20 and download binaries (.dwl) through USB instead of RS-232? Is it possible at all - e.g. in other IDE?

Check the AT Commands Manual - I think AT+WDWL is on UART1 only?

FYI, AT+WDWL download is supported over USB since Open AT Software Suite 2.30 (Open AT Firmware 7.4)

Good - quite a recent change, though?

Is it also supported over UART2?

Yes, since Firmware 7.4, AT+WDWL donwload is supported over UART1&2 + USB (but it is still not supported over CMUX).

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Yes - downloading the firmware via USB works - but IMHO not whith M2M Studio. I successfully did this with “Tera Term Pro”. The problem is, that the USB connection will break down every time a download is started. This happens during the reset of the modem. In my opinion, M2M Studio is not able to manage this. M2M Studio should reopen the (virtual) COM-Port (USB connection) after sending the AT+WDWL command. In Tera Term I did this manually. BTW: DWLWin also did not work.

Is there an other application to make the firmware download via USB or must I write my own?
(Reopen the COM-Port manually in Tera Term is nerve wrecking after a couple of times…)

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My setup:
Wireless CPU Q2686 (FW 7.43)
M2M Studio (2.33)

Indeed - that is a major problem!

It’s actually worse than that: the USB connection breaks twice - once, as you say, at the start of the download and again at the end of the download!

We’re aware of that (USB connection falls down every time the target resets, since it requires an USB enumeration again), and keeping that in mind for fix in new Target Management.

I think you’ll have to write your own - but there’s a tip here:

Hello all,

thanks for your fast reply. If I kept in mind, that other people (service staff) also should update the modem firmware, it is not a good idea to make this with M2MStudio anyway. They will be overwhelmed with all the possibilities. It could be a good idea to update the DWLWin software for that purpose. It is always better, than every developer must write his own tools. But the further development of DWLWin seems to be ended…

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If you want to write your own programming software, use the event code I posted and download the Xmodem library from … net-xmodem.

I have written a simple GUI to program the Q26 using the Xmodem code and it works fine. Here is your chance to learn C# and Visual Studio Express. If you doing anything unusual like integrating C# code into LabView as a DLL, the event code does not work.