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I’m getting start with the Development kit.
I had been sucessfull with the sample “helloWorld” but when I tried to execute the sample “GPS”, I’ve got problems with the download to the module and now nothing else is running (neither the “helloWorld”).
I repeat the commands AT to the “helloWorld”, download the file, but when I send AT+WOPEN=1, the module answers “OK” but nothing happens.
Can someone help me!?

Thanks for the patience!

Hi vcmendes,
Did you execute the sample “GPS” in debug mode (i.e. not by downloading the application in the module). Sometimes, the remote task which executes in debug mode is not properly ended. This prevents the embedded application from running.

In such a case, execute any Open-AT application (for e.g. Hello World) in Debug mode. Stop the application, press Safe Target and then Quit (In Remote Task Monitor).
When you quit the Remote task monitor, if another application is already in the module (embedded mode), it will start executing.

Best Regards.

You may be missing the “AT+GPSSTART=1” command!

Take a look at the HTML created within the application folder.

Best Regards,