Problems with serial port connection


I compiled Hello_world sample code and downloaded it to target. I tried to do all the same steps as in Open AT 3.01 Tutorial, but I did’t get program running. Maybe something went wrong in downloading.

After that Q25011B module stops responding to any AT command and GSM led start to blink every 10th second.

So, do you have solution how I can get back default settings in my module?
I’m using Open AT 3.01 and EVBQUICK-GPS evaluation board.


Hi J_V
I am also new to Open AT , please check version of Open AT for Q2501B module.



Probably, to get back to default configs, you need to reinstall the firmware. Ask you distributor instructions on how to do that !!!

And to avoid this kind of problem always check the module firmware. Send the command ati3 to the module for that !!!

If you are using Open AT 3.01, your firmware version should be 6.50/6.50a or 6.51/6.51a.