Urgent OpenAT problems


Hi everyone, i’m having rather strange problems with the Q2501B module:

  1. The module resets while sending data through the IP connecton. This does not happen every time. Usually the module runs normally. I’ve checked the power supply and the firmware and they seem to be ok.

  2. I´m using the funcion adl_atCmdCreate() to check the modules temperature, GSM signal and other parameters. This funtion returns zero and “OK” if used frequently(500 ms). Particularly, the “at+wgpsm=4” command resets the module if used frequently.

I wonder if anyone had similar problems or have any suggestions of how shoul i proceed.


Hello sergio,

If your power supply is stable on oscillator, then i have no idea. If you could write a little more about the problem, maybe we can write some idea. Is it absolutly random when it happens or could you locate where happens through the gprs connection?

I haven’t had problems for that commands, but my timers for that function is usually bigger the 5 sec. I don’t recommend using to many fast timers escpecially not for AT commands. I don’t know exactly the update rate of gsm signal value and temperature but my guess is that is bigger then 1 sec, so there is no point polling it very fast. The same with AT+WGPSM=4, the GPS time update rate 1 sec. (Maybe you can ask the gsm module sometimes with AT+CCLK? and if the difference is too much then update the GSM time)

Best Regards,



Thanks, the first problem seems to be an eletronical one, i’m working on it. I increased the timers period and everything seems to work :smiley: .

cheers, Sérgio