Download DS 2.3.2 Bundle


Where can I download the offline installer bundle containing DS 2.3.2?

The link here, and the link referenced in the release notes both take you through to the bundle containing DS 2.3.1.

I’ve got a couple of machines to update on the end of a slow/limited bandwidth link, and I can’t install the previous version and do an update due to bandwidth constraints.

Ta, Dave

There is no full installer that is bundling DS 2.3.2 yet; the next one one should be published within the end of the year.

Anyway, concerning your problem, please note that Developer Studio (as all Eclipse based application) installations can “roam”.
I mean: you can do a fresh install of Developer Studio on a computer, zip it, and distribute it to your other computers with low bandwidth access.
The only point you have to take care is the Packages installation folder, which is set as an absolute path in the \configuration\ file. You’ll probably have to update it on each of your systems.
Another point is that obviously, workspaces can’t be moved: you’ll need to start a fresh one of every new computer on which you use this kind of installation, and import your projects in it, but I guess you’re familiar with that part.

Hoping it can help.

Hi Daav,

Thanks for the info. I had forgotten that Eclipse is stand alone ( and doesn’t scribble into the registry on a Win7 machine).

I’ll update one of the machines and do as you suggest.


ciao, Dave

Thanks; that’s useful to know - I hadn’t realised that! (although, now you mention it, I see that it makes sense!)