Developer Studio 3.0 - Released

Developer Studio 3.0 has been released and is now available for download.

The main purpose of this release was to make some architecture refactoring, and add support for the Legato beta program.

In order to install Developer Studio 3.0, please follow the Geting Started instructions.
For more information on this release content, please read the Release Note

Important notes:

  • This is not a maintenance release of Developer Studio 2.3.2, but a new major version.
    As a consequence, it is not possible to upgrade from Developer Studio 2.3.2; a new fresh install has to be made.
  • Support for some features and Open AT Application Framework versions (< 2.5X) has been removed from this version.
    Please refer to the Release Note for more information.
  • Questions related to the Legato Application Framework should be asked in the dedicated forum area.
    Access to this area is opened to users who apply for the beta program.

Have ran into a few problems with this release, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.

The first problem seemed to be an issue with the drivers, when I would connect/remove a device via USB the computer would get BSOD with a “WDF_VIOLATION” error. I found the only way to fix this was to go back to an earlier restore point, before I did the install. The re-install seems to be fine now.

The other issue I have come across, is that Developer Studio assumes that the module is at v7.52 or that it supports “AT+WOPEN=9”, if it doesn’t it fails to connect.
“Load model element: Target Informations => ERROR: Unexpected ERROR received for AT+WOPEN=9 command”

As soon as I managed to get the module to “R7.52.0.201306260837” it connected fine. A bit of a pain as I had to go back to the older version of Developer Studio to do the upgrade.

I read through the release notes again, after having trouble getting DS3 to recognize the module FW. And spotted that the support for < 2.5X had been removed. Not sure how I missed that, explains why issue two was cropping up. As a suggestion would it not be better to bring up that the version isn’t supported and allow the module to be updated?

I did have to run the installer again to get the right package installed, I had selected “Any Module” from the installer which only installed 2.52.0.A1, so the module could connect but it wasn’t detecting the version.

The point is that indeed Open AT AF versions lower than 2.5X are not supported anymore by DS 3.0
But as you can’t upgrade from DS 2.X to DS 3.0, you should normally still have the 2.3.2 version installed somewhere on your system… And you’ll have to use this one to upgrade any module you want to use with DS 3.0

In other words, DS 3.0 should be installed and used only if you are already using an Open AT AF version >= 2.5X
If not, you have to handle the migration first using the 2.3.2 version.

There are some SL808X tags in the Release note page,but I can not found any SL808X module’s firmware in Developer Studio 3.0?Where can I find the SL808X’s firmware(7.52)?

Offical Open AT AF 2.52 for SL8 should be pushed on the update site in the coming days, probably next week.

is the 2.52 firmware ok?thanks!

It is available now: Open AT Application Framework version