New Developer Studio 3.3 release

Hi all,

Please note that a new Developer Studio 3.3 release is available for update from now.
This new version is compatible with Legato 15.01, and provide a set of new features (notably management of Legato systems, memory pools inspection, Legato launch configuration groups…)
Source content (release note, getting started guide) is under update and should be ready soon.

Enjoy using this new Developer Studio version!

Can I use the same installation for both Legato & Open-AT - or do I need separate installations :question:

Even if the Windows installer is available either for Legato or for Open AT, it is possible to install DS for one platform, and after add the features allowing to support the other one.

The drawback is that if you still use Open AT 3G/CDMA devices (SL8, SL3, …) over USB, there is a underlying bug in the serial port management library in the 64bits that cause Java to crash when the device resets.
Therefore, if you plan to do so, my advice would be to install first for Open AT (requiring a 32 bits VM), and then install:

  • the Legato IDE feature in DS
  • Boot2Docker VM
  • the USB ECM driver (if you plan to connect to your Legato device through USB)

OK - thanks

How do I do that?

This: :question:

  • Go to Help > Install New Software…
  • Select the Developer Studio update site in the list
  • In the Developer Studio: IDE category, check the IDE for Legato Application Framework item
  • Click Next and follow the steps

Yep; grab the latest installer from here: … ses/latest
Please note that the ssh.exe program installed through this installer will have to be in your %PATH% (this operation is normally done by the Legato installer)
The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\git\bin