Developer Studio 2.3.2 - Released

Developer Studio 2.3.2 has just been released, and is available for download now.

Release highlights:

  • Open AT Application Delta management
    [list][*]AirVantage Management Services users can now build Open AT application delta using Developer Studio and upload them in the server.
  • An application repository has been introduce to help managing application version.
  • Note: The feature is available to users benefiting from an AirVantage login.
    ]New compiler support have been introduced
  • Newer GCC version adding Minicore support, and legacy support of other target (SL6, Q26, WMP, SL3T, SL8T).
  • ARM DS-5 support for Open AT Application and Minicore application compilation.
  • Keil ARM MDK support for Open AT Application (except on Q2698) and Minicore compilation.
    ]Segger JTAG probe have been qualified for application debug on Minicore.[/:m]
    ]Maintenance release of Developer Studio 2.3.1[/*:m][/list:u]

Download Developer Studio with its Open AT Application Framework and get latest release notes.