Developer Studio 2.3.1 - Released

Hi all,

Developer Studio 2.3.1 has just been released, and is available for download now.

Release highlights:
* Welcome page now deliver recent content of Developer Zone and Developer Forum in a unique Community tab

  • A unified search has been implemented, providing search results from Developer Studio inline help, Developer Zone and Developer Forum.
  • Manufacturing binaries: Ability to build binaries with File System content provisioned easing manufacturing of customer platform by managing single upload (requires coming Open AT Application Framework 2.52).
  • IP export to wireshark: Developer Studio is now able to export IP traffic going through the AirPrime module to the well-known wireshark tool (, easing IP frame analysis and debug (requires coming Open AT Application Framework 2.52).
  • Remote Debugging: ability to manage a trace session on a remote AirPrime module while it is deployed in field. The trace session is managed by Developer Studio, operated by our Airvantage Management Services server and recorded directly within the module. (requires coming Open AT Application Framework 2.52 and AirVantage Management Services 4.x)
  • Maintenance release of Developer Studio 2.3.0

Download Developer Studio with its Open AT Application Framework and get latest release notes.