Developer Studio 2.1.0 is available for download


Dear Developer Studio users,

Please note that Developer Studio 2.1.0 is available for download from now.
An automatic update should be proposed the next time you’ll open your Developer Studio session.

For more information concerning the new release, please refer to the Developer Studio 2.1.0 release note at

Enjoy using Developer Studio 2.1.0!


Note that this is still subject to the SiWi Support site login navigation bug:


The actual download is here: … tudio.aspx

It appears under the product listings as “Software Suite v2.35.1”


And the downloaded file is: Sierra_Wireless_Software_Suite_v2-35-1_Full_Installer.exe

But when I run the installer, the software selection is:

Which is the same version ID as DS 2.0.0:



is same as awneil:(


Sierra_Wireless_Software_Suite_v2-35-1_Full_Installer.exe was posted before DS2.1.0 was announced…

It’s supposed to be 2.36 that includes DS2.1.0 (I guess) and that is, at the time of this writing, not for download yet that I can see…


It would be really helpful if there were a clear statement of what versions of each component are contained in a particular “software suite” release.

And a cross-reference to find what “software suite” release is needed to obtain particular component versions.


See for components of the SDK.

Yes. Click here to download the Embedded_Application_Framework_v2-36_Full_Installer. The URL will updated on product pages later today.


Thanks. :smiley:

That doesn’t list 2.35-1; what is the difference between 2.35-1 and 2.35 :question:


Revised version of 2.35

2.35 --> Firmware 7.45
2.35-1 --> Firmware 7.45 and 7.45.1


And the difference between 7.45 and 7.45.1 is just that 7.45.1 is for the USA?


On the release note page for 7.46, you can find the entries for 7.45.1 as well. … _7_46.aspx


… and don’t forget the Patch:


Does this new version support multi-targeting? If not, when will it arrive? What releases will it support?


What do you mean by, “multi-targeting” :question:


With multi-target I mean being able to target several versions of the firmware/OS with a single project easily.
I tried to target both FW7.44 and FW7.45 with DS 2.0, but couldn’t find any way of doing that.


Yes, that would be useful.

I have a project that I need to maintain for 2 different Open-AT versions; with MSVC, I could do that in 1 project - but I never worked out how to do it with M2MStudio (and haven’t tried since it was renamed).

I think I posted here about it, but can’t seem to find it now…


Not yet.
We’re expecting to perform a build system refactoring for the next release, planned for Q4 2011; We’ll take care of adding this to the requirements.