Discovery Tool release 1.4.0 now available !


Hi everyone,

A new release of Discovery Tool is now available !

New main features of the 1.4.0 release are :
AT command documentation support
Windows Seven support
Many fixed bugs

Please, check the full release note here :
(only available for register users, make sure to be login on support site)

Download the latest version: (no login needed)



If you’re not logged-in on the SiWi Support site (which is a different login from this Forum login), you will not get to that page.

You have to check the ‘remember me’ option, come back here, and click the link again. :unamused:


Erf, you are right.
I have edit my original post to add a link to log on.

Thanks for feedback awneil,


That’s good - but it would be better to fix the site so that the login doesn’t break your navigation!


I agree, but the fix should take some time to be deployed.
I will re-edit my post when done.


Still broken:


Still broken: