Discovery Tool release 1.6.0 now available !

Hi everyone,

A new release of Discovery Tool is now available !

New main features of the 1.6.0 release are :

- The support of MC87xx products
- The support of SL808x products
- Miscellaneous corrections

Please, check the full release note here : … overy_tool

Download the latest version: … _Tool.aspx

If you have an older version of Discovery Tool, an automatic update will be suggest.


The login feature still breaks the navigation:

The problèm is now fixed. No loggin is asked anymore to see Discovery Tool release note now.
Thanks for feedback.

No, the probelem is not fixed; the problem still exists - see:

The login bug is not fixed - you’ve just circumvented it!

You are right, when we try to reach a login protected page, after being logged in we are always redirected to the main page instead of the initial one.
The bug is known, but i have no lead about the fix.
Be sure that I will inform you as soon as I have any piece of information about that.


I try connect Discovery Tool 1.6.0 to Wismo228 and see

Com Port COM3 is not connected to a valid device

but i can send/receive to/from Wismo228 via any terminal program.
What this meesage means and why not connected to valid device ?

Unfortunately, to be supported by Discovery Tool 1.6.0, WISMO still must have a firmware version equals or newer than L22.