Connecting to WISMO 228



I’m trying to connect to wismo 228 device on COM1 but the software show an error : “Port COM1 is not connected to a valid device”
It’s works great using Windows HyperTerminal.

Is Expresso designed to work with WISMO 228 ?

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you must use 4 signals: TX, RX, CTS, RTS to connect with Expresso

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i use FT232 USB-serial adapter with 3 wire connection to WISMO228.
RTS-CTS short on adapter.
RTS-CTS short on WISMO228
RX, TX, DTR on adapter connected to WISMO228 RX,TX, DTR
Works fine with any terminal program.
DiscoveryTools.exe say
Com Port COM10s not connected to a valid device
What’s a correct connection to WISMO228 from serial adapter ?


No comments at 6 days ! Cool


Hi x893,

I am sorry for response delay.
Currently the version 1.4.0 fail to connect to WISMO devices, it’s a known bug.
The next version of Discovery Tool fix this blocker bug and enhance global support of WISMO products with firmware L22. This next version is planned for the begging of the next week.

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Thanks Marc,
as i understand new tools version only from L22 and my L20 device still not work ?
I can’t find files (soft, FW) for upgrade W228 from L20 to high version.
Or you implement firmware upgrade into Discovery Tools (or it’s my dream only).

With a big waiting


Discovery Tool 1.5.0 is now available ! see : … 114&t=5529

Unfortunately DiscoveryTool firmware download feature may be never develop as the tool is a demonstration tool and not an embedded developer tool. :frowning:

But you can update your wismo using “AirPrime WS Series Adwl Light” software and attached documentation.
Be careful, If you have a embedded software running in your wismo or setup a special configuration, updating the firmware may introduce some troubleshooting.

You can find all updating stuff here, make sure to be logged to see all page content: … MO228.aspx



Thanks Marc,
I see only pdf about Adwl-Light and can’t find any software (and firmware).
I receive Adwl-Light from your reseller but this archive not contain file Numonyx_32_Binary.hex

Can you help in final step to Discovery Tools 1.5 world ?

Thanks in advance

P.S. I download 1.5 version and see that no data send/receive between DT (Discovery Tools) 1.5 and WS228.
DT open COM port and close. No data sent to modem. I set Flow control to None, 115200/N/8/1
Terminal work with modem without any problem. I use FT232 USB-UART adapter with only RX/TX to W228.


Erf, you are right, it’s just a PDF available on website.
About the firmware hex file, I know how to find it :frowning:, please contact your reseller or your FAE or try the WISMO forum : viewforum.php?f=120.

For version under L22, I don’t know the behaviors of DT, some problem are know about the network view, but the tool haven’t be really tested. It will be really better if you are able to update the firmware.



As i understand sierra not interest to small value customer and orient to large. AS my opinion support == the traditional china manufactures - buy as is and no question and support. Discovery tools with minimal fuctionality (only perfect jpeg) and java but not work with general devices (USB-UART) and to hard to understand. May be need pay XXX.000 $ for some answers ?

I decide back to U-Blox and Sagem GSM modules.

Bye Sierra