Help with SIM

Hello i hope someone of you can help me.

I build my WiSMo board, i used DALC208SC6 and ESDA6V1SC6 (as is in the PDF document for desing) for interfacing SIM. I connect the device, then power ON. I used Discovery Tool for test it, for here all is ok, but suddenly it appears that SIM is no connected, so i cannot do anymore… (see pictures below)

Any attempt of use my device results in +CMS ERROR 310 (Not SIM inserted).

Is there any power source problem? I used a battery from a Nokia Cell. (3.6V nominal, full charged).

Is there other kind of problem?

Thanks in advance!


Can you try testing the same scenario with standard AT commands ?? Try to connect to Hyperterminal and check if you can access the SIM. May be there is a issue with the Discovery tool.