Where to download the Discovery Tool?

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I’m looking for Discovery Tool installer.
Does anybody know where it could be found?

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You can ask to your FAE for the tool.


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Who is FAE? Strange enough that it could not be easily downloaded from sierrawireless.com.
I remember that not long ago it was easily available on the site.

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Hi, I am also trying to find a download for the Discovery tool (Expresso) I have had it previously and I’m sure it was much easier to find on the sierrawireless site before.
Rex_alex: by FAE do you mean Field Applications Engineer?
SANEL: it may be worth talking to your distributor which I’m going to do and I think that is was Rex_alex means by FAE


Ash from PointDuty

Yes, FAE = Field Application(s) Engineer - a member of SiWi staff.

Major customers deal direct with a SiWi FAE.

Other customers are supported via Distributors.

sierrawireless.com/wheretobu … llers.aspx

This is pretty standard in the industry.

A further option is to engage a Consultant to help you.

I don’t think that SiWi (currently) publishes a list of Consultants - but your Distributor or FAE should be aware of local “talent”…

But you could take a look in the Developer Zone: developer.sierrawireless.com/

Hello all,

I try to find the “Discovery Tool”, which I used some times in the past (on my last computer).
I searched it on the SiWi - website and found this:

developer.sierrawireless.com/Get … 0Tool.aspx :
“The Discovery Tool can be downloaded for free, as part of the Sierra Wireless AirPrime Embedded Framework…”

I downloaded the newest version of the 500MB installer but after the installation of the tools on the new machine, there are no “Discovery tool” anymore. In fact, the tool are obviously not longer a part of this installer. Its just frustrating…

Where is it? Is it not longer supported/developed?