DeveloperStudio with Terminal Monitor and TerminalEmulator

I ave noticed that the general consensus among the developers on this forum that DeveloperStudio by itself is a less-than-perfect solution for development, and a lot of folks seem to be using it for the coding stage, but then debug using the older tools. I was hoping someone could give me a concise description of what does/doesn’t work under DeveloperStudio that requires the older tools, and how one goes about debugging an application under construction using the combination of current and old tools. Would any of the seasoned veterans care to take me to school?


It’s not just the developers - SiWi themselves have admitted that the Target Management in the current DeveloperStudio (aka M2MStudio) is fundamentally broken.
A major re-work (“refactoring”) is under way.

I have never used RTE mode in M2MStudio, and hadn’t used it for ages with the old tools - there were just too many restrictions and deviations from normal behaviour.
eg, see: Quick Timer Question - #8 by awneil

The Debug configurations from M2MStudio work perfectly well as-is with the old TMT and TE - no special setup is required.

I don’t know how you’d go about getting the docmentation for TMT & TE - your best bet is probably to speak to your Distributor or FAE…

So has Sierra given and information regarding the release dates for the next (presumably working) Developer Studio?

“after the summer” - see: Remote shell questions - #13 by daav

But they don’t say whose “summer” - I think ours finished in about June :laughing:

I am curious what aspect of the current Target Manager perspective are considered broken. Honestly, I have had few problems with it so far. There are certainly some “undocumented features” :

  1. To stop debugging, you have to close/kill the RemoteTasks Monitor, otherwise the IDE can’t stop the running application
  2. I have to manually power cycle/reset the dev kit between test runs
  3. Timers don’t work right in RTE mode
  4. Trouble/weirdness using UART1 for data communication when connected to the IDE for debugging
  5. (sung to the tune of Skip To My Loo)
    Crash, crash, crash to the desktop
    Crash, crash, crash to the desktop
    Crash, crash, crash to the desktop
    Why does this keep happening?

That’s the short list so far, but like I said, this is my first application on this platform, so I suspect there are a lot of other issues I have yet to encounter. I’ve been using Eclipse since V1 for Java development, and the CDT for the last couple years, so I don’t have any complaints about the platform itself. Especially compared to earlier versions of the CDT which were a nightmare. I would like to know when I can expect things to go horribly wrong so I can avoid the pitfalls if possible, and plan ahead for altered development cycle if not.

Thanks a ton for the info so far, it’s going to make this inital development process a lot smoother.