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My name is Christophe Champigny, Software Product Manager at Sierra Wireless.

I’m coming to you to get your opinion on providing some video tutorial for Developer Studio in order to ease Developer Studio usage, you may appreciate to get such video tutorial.

Could you please let me know which kind of feature, or part of the tool would you like us to demonstrate through a video ?

As an example, we plan to show some basics for beginners, like installing the tool, starting a new project,…
But we intend as well to help advanced users, like configuring a JTAG probe, launching an embedded debugging session,…

Please, let us know your wishes on this.
Thank you


They certainly sound good for starters!

Hello Awneil,

Yourself, do you see any tricky subject for which it would be helpful?

I would really like a video tutorial on how to debug with your Developer Studio as debugging haven’t worked since you switched from Visual Studio.

I have tried both RTE and the new Embeed Debugging mode but none of them work. RTE sometimes works, but most of the time not. No one at sierra nor the distributor are able to help at all.

I won’t even begin to think about how much time i have used to try and get this to work and the extra time i use to find problems in my software because im not able to perform a simple debug session…

So please make a video tutorial that shows step by step what todo and how the debug configuration should look like with all settings.


Yes, I’ve previously bemoaned the loss of the old “Tools Manual” which used to describe the process of creating, building, loading, and dbugging a project.

I still think there should be a standalone document that describes this (not just online help within DS) - but videos would certainly be good as well.

Other things which need to be covered:

  • An overview of the Open-AT concept - embedding an application within the module; how it interacts with the firmware and the “external application”; limitations of the approach; etc.
  • An overview of the Open-AT structure & operation. What many people seem to find particularly hard to grasp is the “event-driven” paradigm. Because it is essentially dynamic, this can be hard to explain in a static, text document - so a video with some good animations would be ideal here.
  • A tutorial for each of the ADL “services”. These tutorials need to focus on how the service operates and how to put its elements together to perform useful functions. The current documentation is rubbish at this - it contains “closeup” details of each API element in isolation, but now real information on how the service works as a whole, or how to build its elements into useful functions.
    FCM seems to be puzzling many newbies lately, so that would seem a good one to start with.

In addition to the specific Open-AT topics (as above) it would also be useful to have some general tutorials on things like how GSM works, how GPRS works, etc,…

Dear Kaare,

We have just uploaded a Video Tutorial on the Embedded Debugging within Developer Studio.
Let’s have a look and give us your feedback.

Kind regards,


Seems the embedded debugging video is showing great interest. Posted almost 10 days ago, and already encounter a great success.

Some others should come, suggestion are welcome.


Can you provide FTP access to the video please?

Some Internet connections are too slow to stream it without interruption.

Dear all,

In addition to the already available Embedded Debugging tutorial, since several weeks, 3 new videos are now available on the Developer Site:

May you already have seen them…
We’ll be glad to get your comment on them, and listen if you would suggest to get specific subject covered as well with such video tutorial.

Thank you,

I´m waiting for the password recovery mail :blush: , so… Why do i have to be loged in, if i want to watch the debug video? :smiley: