Debbuging Open AT application

Hi everybody,

I’m a newbie with FXT009 developing and also with Developing Studio.
I read that the only way to debug with breakpoint is using MinGW and RTE debbuging. But also read that with the last version of Developing studio, it is no more possible.

I have no possibilities to add an Remote Mode with Developer Studio!

Which is the best way to debug (BreakPoint, seeing variable,…) Open at application with developer Studio

Thanks for your help

I would not recommend using MINGW or RTE mode, they are quite old and difficult to get running. There is quite alot of help in dev studio regarding showing how perform debugging, however, if you want a document to check out laying all of the options out the below apps notes shows this.

Depending how complex your application is and what you are trying to debug I have found that as a rule the TRACE(()) statements are best for a simple application but it can be quite inefficient when looking at complex situations.