DeveloperStudio not loading packages from repository


I´m beginning in the world of Sierra Wireless and I´ve got a GL6100 where I expect to do a serial communication gateway tp GPRS so that I can receive my data on a REST API on my web site.

So far, so good, I´ve downloaded and installed Developer Studio 3.6, plugged my GL6100 in the serial port, put a SIM card and powered it up.

I can connect to GL using HyperTerminal, but it´s not connected to the GPRS network - no led blinks, not signals at all: AT+CSQ returns 99,99, AT+CREG? returns 2,2… not even on manual. I suppose this is a lack of firmware on the unit…

Browsing around I found out that I need the 7.47 OpenAT Firmware for the unit. I then went to Developer Studio->Help->Install new software and selected the following site:

Open AT Embedded Software Suite repository -

“Threre are no categorized items” is what I got. Then I tried:

Same error.

I´m now stuck at this point and don´t know how to make my modem work. I need help to move further. Why is the sierra link not working ? Why is the modem not connecting ? Does it come without a firmware from factory ?

My goal is to continue the DevStudio to build my own application and to test the AirVantage platform.

Thanks for helping.

Open AT packages are installed from the Package Manager perspective, not from the traditional Eclipse interface to install Plugins.

Unable to load packages from

in package manager perspective.

Also want to install MQTT connector libraries.