Developer Studio Syntax error at start (Linux)

Hi Everyone,

I know its a bit unorthodox but I wanted to see how effective a raspberry pi would be at running developer studio.
Put it onto debian wheezy following the instruction from :

The install took quite a while but according to apt-get and dpkg everything is in place.
(i’m running the devstudio-openat with the gcc toolchain)

It won’t start when called from gui, and when attempting from terminal it gives me:

/opt/sierrawireless/devstudio/devstudio: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

What could I do to go about fixing this?
Is it a bad compile on my system specifically, or a bad binary from the package download itself?

On a side note I also wondered how to get hold of 2.3.x rather than 3 for linux, but SiWi don’t seem to make it obvious…

Its a bit of a long shot since i’m in a fairly small niche here but any thoughts and cynicism is appreciated nonetheless. :smiley:


It sounds like the startup shell script is not being parsed correctly. This leads me to wonder if your version of the RPi os has got dash (rather than bash) as the default system shell.

There are some (not so) subtle differences between the various system shells that can trip up shell script authors…

Just a thought.

Ciao, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the suggestion.

So ps -a gives me a bash process for my active user.
And looking in the /etc/passwd I see that root is also set to use /bin/bash

However(!!), running ls -al /bin/sh links to dash.

So short story is I’ll have to redirect and see what happens…


Urk! Apparently dash is a bit faster than bash which is why /bin/sh is linked to dash rather than bash.

Note that changing the symlink may have unintended consequences for other system scripts - you might be better simply editing the devstudio file to point to /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh

Also, I don’t think DS 2.xx was ever released for Linux - only DS3.xx was.

ciao, Dave

Hi David,

So I didn’t have any success pointing to dash or bash.
Or running the initial install with bash or dash as the sh link.

Clearly I’m not articulate enough with my linux :confused:

For now have got distracted with work, but when I get the chance i’ll get back on it and maybe have more to put in this post… You know, incase anyone else comes along feeling like doing something as stupid as compiling openat on a pi… :exclamation: