Could someone write a guide on how to debug??

Could someone please write a tutorial on how to debug openat applications in M2M studio?!? In visual studio, you just click on the button debug and everything just works.

In M2M studio NOTHING works and you need a science degree just to debug a simple application. I will never in my life get to understand why they dropped visual studio in favour of this crap eclipse software, which wastes our precious development time in our company.

So, could someone please write a simple guide telling how to debug an application?

I agree - see:

I just wonder: why on earth are you the only one complaining that NOTHING works? :wink:
In software development like in many other domains, all is a matter of tastes. You clearly prefer Visual Studio, and we made another choice for several reasons (which made us to think it was a better choice). I don’t think we have to discuss of that, as it would take days and months, without in the end any concrete result for anyone.

So now, let’s focus on the topic.
Please can you highlight what is not working for you?
You have the online help pages, you have the cheat sheets which are guiding you through the some steps required to go through the RTE debugging.
But maybe we forgot to mention things which maybe seem too obvious to us, so please highlight them and help us to improve this online help content.


I can sympathise with that!

As I’ve previously noted, Eclipse does seem to live in a world of its own, and operates in a way totally unlike any other “normal” IDE - such as Visual Studio.

But, like it or not, Eclipse does seem to be rapidly becoming the IDE framework of choice among embedded suppliers - so it would sem worthwhile to invest some time in getting to understand it.

I provided some links on “Eclipse for Visual Studio users” here: New project - #4 by awneil

I simply do not have the time to discuss/write all the errors and issues there is with M2M Studio so i’ve switched back to Visual Studio. We do have to earn money at our company and we don’t earn anything from constantly having to “understand” eclipse and all the weird error messages that keeps popping up what ever you do in M2M Studio. Just the fact that i have to restart M2M Studio at least 20 times a day takes a lot of development time away from me.

But i’ve got the new OS and firmware up and running in VS again so im happy now :wink: