"Could not bind socket to source address" What is this error indicating? RV55

Hello all,

I’ve been have some communication issues that I’ve not been able to get to the bottom of but I’ve noticed this error that seems to fill the logs of modems that encounter this issue.

I’m able to ping out to GoogleDNS, OpenDNS, and CloudFlare . The modem is establishing a connection and all lights are green. Below is the full error as shown in the logs. If needed I can post full logs.

May 2 21:11:16 [err ] ALEOS_LINKMGMT_servicemon [Cellular] Could not bind socket to source address -
May 2 21:12:16 [err ] ALEOS_LINKMGMT_servicemon [Cellular] Could not bind socket to source address -

Thank you for your time,

Hi @nicholas.rieches,

Welcome to our community!

  • Please make sure you have attached antennas to the RV55. Two antennas are required when connecting to an LTE network.
  • What version of ALEOS and Radio Module firmware is the RV55 running?
  • Which network provider’s SIM card are you using?
  • Please provide full log file and template file with me.

***Here are the instructions for obtaining the log file and template file:

  1. The configuration template file can be found in ACEmanager → Template. Provide any desired name for the Template Name, and then press Download to retrieve the template file.

  2. Obtain the log file:
    a. Go to AceManager > Admin > Log > Configure Logging.

    Set all log levels to DEFAULT (NOTICE).

    Set Linux Syslog to DISPLAY.

    Then select Apply.

    b. Reboot the gateway.

    c. Go to Admin → View log → Download Logs.