please i need your help and it is sooo urgent.
I got fastrack supreme 20 with GPS module.
first: it came without gps antenna, so the gps feature can work or not with the module.
second: i read the guide and i understood that to enable the module i have to download a file but i didn’t find this file
hte file is (D:\Plug-ins\C-GPS\C-GPS\samples\QueryApp\bin\ads_QueryApp_256KB.wpb.dwl)
i go to downloads and i don’t find this file. when i download the file only until QueryApp is found and the rest of the path is not there.
The company that i ordered the modem from, told me to ask for this in wavecom.
before month i asked wavecom for this product and they transferred me to a distributer in south africa (altech company) and i transferred the money but they didn’t response so i went to omni instruments.
to be honest, i didn’t know that wavecom will make me tired like that.
always problems and problems and problems.
i really don’t know even how to deal with this strange website. i didn’t write any topic here and find a useful solution.
please don’t reply as you are talking with profissional person. i’m very stupid so reply with simple reply. :confused: :frowning:

Man I DO understand you. I had problems with Wavecom “features”. Hope your project survived. Write again if still intrested.

It sounds like you have received some pretty shoddy service from your distributor(s).
I don’t know if Wavecom have any way to receive feedback about this, but have you tried the ‘Contact Us’ page? … re_contact

But, how careful were you to discuss this in detail with the Distributor before ordering?
Whith any complex, high-tech product, part of the selection process always has to be to ensure that adequate tehnical support is available…

That is because it is a Source Code example - it is up to you to build it!

Obviously, you need to discuss this urgently with your Supervisors/Tutors - they will know what procudures you school has to deal with problems like this.