c-GPS urgent


please i need your help and it is sooo urgent.
I got fastrack supreme 20 with GPS module.
first: it came without gps antenna, so the gps feature can work or not with the module.
second: i read the guide and i understood that to enable the module i have to download a file but i didn’t find this file
hte file is (D:\Plug-ins\C-GPS\C-GPS\samples\QueryApp\bin\ads_QueryApp_256KB.wpb.dwl)
i go to downloads and i don’t find this file. when i download the file only until QueryApp is found and the rest of the path is not there.
The company that i ordered the modem from, told me to ask for this in wavecom.
before month i asked wavecom for this product and they transferred me to a distributer in south africa (altech company) and i transferred the money but they didn’t response so i went to omni instruments.
to be honest, i didn’t know that wavecom will make me tired like that.
always problems and problems and problems.
i really don’t know even how to deal with this strange website. i didn’t write any topic here and find a useful solution.
please don’t reply as you are talking with profissional person. i’m very stupid so reply with simple reply.


Dude, you’re unhappy one.

You should solve your problems one by one - not all at once.

First of all test your module for GPS feature. Connect GPS antenna and try some basic features.
Also you should check that you have C-GPS plug-in for your fastrack installed and activated.

Only after all these preparations you can start worrying about QueryApp.

Actually this QueryApp is included in every OpenAT release. The best solution is to ask your closest distributor for OpenAT release compatible with your fastrack and download it. QueryApp will be included as sources with binaries provided (optionally).

I have QueryApp binaries for OpenAT 4.25. If you need this stuff I can send you a file via e-mail.


Thank You sooooooooooooooooooo much because you answered me.
First I ordered gps antenna from wave com distributer but since they didn’t responce at all, as I said I ordered from OMNI instruments but there is no GPS antenna with the products.
So I will not be able to use the CGPS?
i hope the answer will be that i can use the CGPS like that becuase i don’t have time to wait for more time.
and if i want to make simple testing for gps, how can i make it?


You can get any active GPS antenna which fits your antenna jack - they are standart. Without antenna you will not get any valid data but you will be actually able to use C-GPS.
I have not used C-GPS but it seems that the simplest way to test GPS feature is to use QueryApp. :slight_smile:
But anyway you should check the prerequsites to start GPS:

  1. Good and working active GPS antenna.
  2. Clear sky above your GPS antenna.
  3. Check the status of your C-GPS plugin: AT+WCFM=5 - if the second digit from the end of the answer is greater than 4 - it’s enabled.
  4. Check your OS version: ATI3
  5. Check your OpenAT version: AT+WOPEN=2


thanks alot, I will try what you advised today and i will tell you about what will happen.


hi blackyblack
I’m so happy now because you answered me :smiley:
please i have a question: is there a way to read gps position without using OpenAT?
if there is no way please would you send me the binary files that you told me about?
thanks alot, you are really helpful person.


MY e-mail is


I’m afraid that with C-GPS you can read your position only via C-GPS API (only from OpenAT).

I will send you the binaries, but I don’t know your OS version so it may be not compatible with your fastrack.


I’m so sorry. I annoyed you but i didn’t find any body to help me except you.
to use the binary files, I have to download what?
OS and SDK? i don’t really understand the steps that must be done.
would you please give me steps that i can follow to make a successful openAT project?


I mean what is the benefit of downloading SDK and OS. also do I have to download an IDE?


These are the OS an the OpenAT versions

663c00gg.FSU001 1961896 122407 14:45

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v04.20”,“AT v04.23”


It is better to download SDK because you will have all the documentation you need. Also you will be able to look the sources of QueryApp and recompile it with all the options you need.

To use OpenAT you have to install some IDE. Visual Studio or Eclipse.

Your OS version seems to be OK to use the binaries of QueryApp that I sent. :slight_smile:


the current SDK comes with M2M studio, a IDE based on Eclipse.

However, the current SDK is based on a newer firmware than your device contains.
So you need to upload the newest firmware to your device (see other post about that on this forum)
Alternatively, you need to import the proper libraries (firmware 6.33c) into M2M studio


However they are pretty much compatible. I’m not sure to what extent but probably all basic features will work disregarding OS version.


no, there have been some substantial changes between 6.x and 7.x