Problems with the CGPS on Fastrack Supreme 20

Hi, im trying the Simple Sample on my Fastrack Supreme 20, i´m using the M2M V1.0.2 and FW R74.
when i load the SimpleSample.dwl and start the application with at+wopen=1 i´ve recieved this messeges in the shell

GPS Sample: Application Started
GPS Sample: CGPS Feature not activated

I have read the documentation and threads in this forum but i could´n find How to Activate de CGPS with the new firmware release.
thanx for comments.
PD: i ´ve talked to my distributor and i didn´t receive any answer.

Check the response to AT+WCFM=5 - for details, see the AT Commands Manual

If the CGPS feature is not enabled, you have to pay to get it enabled.

Thanks Awniel, i forgot to tell that i run this command and i´ve got this response


so, if i´m not misunderstanding the AT Command Interface Guide, i have enable:

01 Internet Plugin
10 Real Time Operating System
20 Open SIM Access
40 Open AT C-GPS Plug in

Am i right? because my distributor said that they never had this problem before, and they never had to enable any feature in the fastracks that he sells.

Any ideas?

I’m with the same problem!
somebody kwow how help?

I was using the C-GPS a lot recently and have had quite a few problems with it, although I have been able to solve them with help from my distributor. The C-GPS can be quite complicated, but the use of the Simple Sample should work just fine. One thing I know is that it is Firmware and OS specific. If I remember correctly you project and hardware needs to be on OS 6.21 and firmware 7.3

Check your OS version and firmware of your harware and software.

Is this with OPUS-I or OPUS-III? I was working with OPUS-I

That is true for any Open-AT application - it has to be built for the correct versions, and using the correct versions of plug-ins - see: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3766&hilit=faq+wiki&start=15#p18140

This is not unique to Open-AT - anytime you’re building any stuff that has to use other stuff pre-installed on the target, you must make sure that your build is compatible!

My module is a OPUS-I, my OS is 6.3 and the fw is r74_00gg.

I’m using the plugin Open AT C-GPS Plug-In v1.07 to compile the samples, because i don’t have the .dwf files. I compiled the SimpleSample that doesn’t need any command to start and the application returns the message:

GPS Sample: Application Started
GPS Sample: CGPS Feature not activated

Somebody help please?

Have you checked if the C-GPS Plugin is activated with AT+WCFM=5?

If it is activated change your firmware and OS. I was using C-GPS-OPUS-I Open AT Plug-in Package( and im quite sure that package only works with OS 6.21 and Firmware 7.3.

I am a very newbie and trying to get GPS information with Fastrack Supreme but I had no luck. I downloaded the SimpleSample application to the modem, but I got nothing after

the result of AT+WCFM=5 is +WCFM: 00000471,0

Could anybody help me to make GPS works.


Have you enabled the antenna power?

Hi awneil,

Following instructions in a manual, I enabled the active antenna power supply by using commands:
The modem responded OK for each command, but I still did not get GPS information.

Moreover, I used SimpleSample and then QueryApp application, but did not get any luck. With SimpleSample application, responses for commands: AT+NMEA=1; AT+CGPS=2; and AT+CONFIG=1 are ERROR, but OK for QueryApp. Although the LED light was blinking, I got nothing.

Do you have any ideas to solve this problem?