Activate gps

Hi ppl! I’m new here, so i’m sorry for stupid questions, but… I have an wavecom fastrack supreme with usb/gps module, and i need to use gps. I’ve downloaded SimpleSample (standart wavecom sample), but it’s not working - “CGPS Feature not activated”. How to activate it? Thanks for you’re answers!

Wavecom people must give you an activation code for this. It is just an at command that you send to the module via serial port.

wich is a commercial feature, and needs to be paid for.

Is this a new Fastrack, recently purchased?
Did you buy the GPS module at the same time, from the same supplier, and explain to your supplier that it was to be used in the Fastrack?

If you did, then you should complain to your supplier for giving you a Fastrack that was not properly configured for your specified requirement!

If you didn’t, then the lesson to learn is to always discuss the application fully with your supplier before commiting to purchase!

the unit is -at-least- 1.5 jears old now (date of op is sept. 2008)

Oh yes - so it is! :blush:

Well, at least jcediel hadn’t spotted that either!

This is why some forums automatically close threads after a period of inactivity…

or at least display a warning when replying to a topic older than a certain time.