Cellular disappearing windows 10 EM7511

We have several laptops that have an issue where the cellular feature disappears and the modem is also no longer visible in device manager. The modems are the EM7511 Qualcomm Snapdragon X16. We’ve tried different drivers, firmware, windows updates as well as uninstalling and reinstalling the modem. This seems to point to a Windows update issue however a particular one has not been identified.

Hi @wmicke

With your provided information, it’s not enough to find the root cause. Could you provide some more information as below questions:

  1. Have you ever seen the EM711 visible on your laptop yet? Or this issue (invisible issue) happens all the time, both after and before upgrading Window OS?

  2. What is the laptop model are you using in this issue?

  3. Can you have another laptop? if yes, can you please give a try for this EM7511 module to see whether it is visible?

  4. Do you install sierra wireless EM7511 driver from source page of Sierra Wireless?



Thank you for responding.
We have many of these laptops that have been working fine. The issue is random and the Windows 10 versions on the affected laptops are not always the same which makes it difficult to pinpoint a specific update. We have found other forums that mention having the same issue after a Windows update and it seems to be a known Microsoft problem without a solution.

The laptop model is a Getac k120.

We do have other laptops of the same model in which the cellular is working fine with the EM7511.

The drivers have been installed from the SW source page.

Thank you

Hi @wmicke

Thanks for your information.
From your information provided, I would like to summary

  1. The module worked fine on some laptops Getac k120 on Window OS 10.
  2. This issue also happened on some laptops, also be Getac k120 model.
  3. The laptops which the issue happened on have different Window OS 10 versions.

So, the root cause in this case is Window OS version on laptop as you said. You may try some below methods to see that whether we can over come this issue:

  1. Open device manage > “View” tab > tick show hidden device. Then reset the module (shut down/power on laptop).
    After that, checked the device are show in modem, Network Adapter on Device manager.

  2. You can install the Skylight tool. After installed Skylight, open it and checked this tool can detect the device or not.