Can't Get 5G to connect on EM9191/EM9291

Been having issues with getting 5G working on both EM9191 and EM9291 modules. I have a 5G Verizon SIM and a 5G AT&T SIM. I have tested 5G connection via a Cellphone in the same location with both carriers and do have 5G showing up with no issues. Please let me know what to try or any commands that I can run to help troubleshoot this issue.

One thing I find odd is within Modem Manager, the “Supported Bands” don’t list any that are 5G bands.

What is the return of the following?


BTW, I remember you need to generate some data traffic in order to work in ENDC mode in at!GSTATUS?

Thanks for the reply. I have generated traffic by sending/receiving large amounts of data as my Sierra Rep suggested, but no success yet. Running the commands you requested can be found below:

Which carrier pri are you using? Generic? Vzw? ATT?

Is it the same when connected to windows?
Are you connecting 4 antennas?


I am using the Verizon PRI or ATT PRI based on the SIM card I have inserted.
I have the modem directly soldered onto a custom designed embedded board that is Arm 64 bit.
Yes, I have 4 antennas connected.

My order of commands after the modem is successfully connected to the internet (Ping Success) with a 4G Connection is:


The state status goes to a “registered” state after trying to get 5G working and I no longer have a good connection to the internet (Ping Fails). Before entering the above commands, it is in a “connected” state.

Possibly there are other commands needed that I am not aware of?

Why do you need to enter those AT command?

I remember sometimes ping is not enough to go to ENDC mode, you might need to download a big file or browse internet


I am not sure I need to enter those AT Commands, if I don’t enter them, I only see 4G connection, never been able to get 5G. Those commands come from the EM9 Series AT Command Reference Manual.

When I test for 5G, I send multiple MBs worth of data. I was just saying in my previous post that I was testing a ping to make sure I had any connection to the internet. After entering those commands, I lost my connection to the internet in general, regardless of 4G/5G connection.

i don’t think those AT command are needed to input

Regardless of whether those AT commands are needed or not. I have tried with and without them with no success yet. Looking for an example of how someone gets 5G working with an EM9291 module.

I remember there is no problem to connect 5G in VZW network: